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Fingering Techniques Demonstration Video

Längd: 00:02:40 | 7315 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - Fingering Techniques explained in this education video by Jason Julius of Orgasm Arts. Learn how to stimulate a woman's G Spot with your fingers.

Where is the Clitoris? | Sex Ed Video

Längd: 00:03:13 | 3562 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - Video tutorial on how to find and stimulate the clitoris by Jason Julius of http://www.OrgasmArts.com

Clitoris Orgasm Techniques 101

Längd: 00:03:13 | 4465 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - How to stimulate a woman's clitoris with both direct and indirect clitoral stimulation.

How To Find Her G Spot | Tutorial Video

Längd: 00:01:00 | 1663 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - How to find her g spot. Finding a woman's G Spot is easy, you just need to know where to look. For more info on the G Spot head over to http://www.OrgasmArts.com

Clitoris Stimulation Techniques | Tutorial Video

Längd: 00:03:13 | 1051 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - Jason Julius demonstrates simple and effective clitoris stimulation techniques to give your lover mind blowing clitoral orgasms. For more information on clitoris [...]

G Spot Squirting Orgasm aka Female Ejaculation

Längd: 00:03:15 | 917 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - Learn the secrets of the G Spot Squirting Orgasm or what is also known as Female Ejaculation. Watch a free video demo of a basic G Spot technique that can lead to a [...]

How To Make A Female Ejaculate | Tutorial Video

Längd: 00:03:15 | 4546 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com Jason Julius from Orgasm Arts describes how you can make a female ejaculate from G Spot stimulation.

The G Spot and Female Ejaculation

Längd: 00:03:11 | 3838 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com Discover how G Spot stimulation can lead to some of the most intense made blowing orgasms and even female ejaculation. For a free video demonstration of a G Spot Technique [...]

How To Give A G Spot Orgasm With Your Fingers | Tutorial Video

Längd: 00:02:40 | 2185 visningar

http://www.OrgasmArts.com How to give a G Spot orgasm. Give your female lover the most intense g spot orgasm of her life. For more information on G Spot Orgasms check out the video on OrgasmArts.com

Female Ejaculation From Female G Spot Stimulation

Längd: 00:03:15 | 3266 visningar | 10Betyg/10

http://www.OrgasmArts.com - The truth about female ejaculation aka female squirting orgasms. Watch a free video demonstration of a G Spot technique that can lead to Female Ejaculation head over to [...]

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